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Hey there guys! As promised, I'm opening my new style commissions. I've improved myself and my art, and I'm ready to be of service. Here's everything you need to know if you want a piece:

Cartoon/Anime Full body: flat colors 27$ / simple cell shading 30$ / fully shaded 35$  +6$ for simple background

Cartoon/Anime Half body: flat colors 20$ / simple cell shading 23$ / fully shaded 28$  +6$ for simple background

If you want an extra character that will cost double, unless it is a prop character (like a small pokemon for example - it's negotiable, depends on individual cases).


  Hipster girl 01 by Wild-sin   Hipster girl 02 by Wild-sin    Anime Hipster Flats by Wild-sin 

Cartoon full body fully shaded/ Anime half body fully shaded/ Anime half body flat colors

Hey there! by Wild-sin

Cartoon full body, various shadings

Charizard, I choose you! by Wild-sin

Anime full body simple cell shading + simple background

See more examples of my art in my gallery.

• I accept PAYPAL as a method of payment. If you want, you can pay in euros € (converting price from dollars $).

• I will require payment in full upon order or during sketching stage. I will not proceed with the commission further if it is unpaid for.

• I do not offer refunds unless I haven't started on the piece yet or I feel I cannot do it, this will result in a FULL refund.

• If you wish to see WIPs, let me know - I often finish things without checking for approval.

• Humans
• Anthros
• Fantasy creatures
• Pokemon / Ponies / Digimon / other fanart creatures
• NSFW Art (light)

If you are interested in a commission, you can send me a NOTE or an EMAIL at Include your commission details, such as:

Commission Type: (anime or cartoon style, half or full body, flat colors/ simple cell shaded/ fully shaded, background)

Number of Characters:

References: (visual references, clarifications, detail attentions, etc)

Other details: (pose, mood, specific style pointers, other..?)

I look forwards to doing business with you! <3
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Hey everyone,

Wanted to stop by here and give you my best wishes for your holiday season! I myself am having a fine one :)

For those interested in my art and what's going on with it, here's a short update: I got a seasonal job with barely any free time, finished it, am now spending two months (since December) studying arts, will then continue to work like a normal human being until I -hopefully- get a portfolio done and get an art job. I don't have anything proper to upload, I've been paper drawing, studying shading, anatomy, and advanced significantly in my character drawing skills, especially in a cartooney style. I'm unsure of whether it's worth sharing any works for now, but if you're interested and want to continue following me, I'll announce it later - probably with a brand new account or at least a namechange, Wild-sin has gotten stale.
That's my little update, hope you're having a good day!

Hey folks, it's been a while, hasn't it :D

I'm so very grateful for all the birthday wishes, even though I haven't been active, so many of you still cared enough to congratulate me, it's just heartwarming :33 I've been up to all kinds of things, mostly academics, and I now have one year of uni remaining. I haven't completely given up drawing, and as you may have seen, I've poked around with animating a bit. A great friend of mine has encouraged me to seriously study arts, with books and theory and all that, so I'm slowly working on that. I'll try to dedicate part of my time to actually producing something worth uploading perhaps. No promises though, since I have an extremely unpredictable agenda.

Anyway, that's about it for me, thank you for sticking with me for so long :huggle:

Journey journal: Portugal

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 12:58 PM
Helllooooo everybody!

Several days ago, I was enjoying the warmth of Portugal, I was there from the 21st of August till the 3rd of September and oh how I miss it... I immediately caught a cold after coming back too :/ Anyways, here's what went on there!

Day 1.
It all began at 4 am in the morning. Needless to say, no sleep was had :D There's no direct plane from Lithuania to Portugal so I went to France first, wasn't too comfortable with no one speaking english. Plus they took away my sunscreen, so my milky white skin was not feeling too happy about it :D After 7 hours of flying I finally arrived to Lisbon where I met up with Dark-Infamous we then traveled back to her place. I got to experience the joys of subway, so that was pretty interesting! We spent the rest of the day resting and settling in.

Day 2.
Was very very hot. Just like the rest of the days. That day we went to the old town of Lisbon, which was beautiful <3 We went up to the castle, walked all around the streets, went to the riverside and enjoyed a meal out. In the evening, her family picked us up and we drove to her parents' house near the coast. We stopped by the mall to do some shopping too. It was already dark by the time we arrived to town, we went for a walk at the beach though and it smelled quite fishy.

Day 3.
The whole family and me went to see various Portugal's monuments. First one was the castle of Obidos. It was marvelous! We were allowed to walk on the castle walls, which was pretty scary from that high up. It was in a post festival state so there were still medieval themed decorations, even a guy dressed up as Gandalf :D After that we had a picnic lunch and moved on to the next location, it was the mansion of Batalha. There was a wedding going on there at the time, but we still had a look around. After that we visited the Alcobaca lovers church, which had a very interesting story about it, involving a coronation after death. There was a wedding going on there too, but we explored it plenty and it was magnificent, it had a lovely inner garden, reminded me a bit of the Harry Potter kind of gardens. The last thing we visited was the Fatima Sanctuary. Looked a bit like Vatican, just smaller. It also had an interesting legend behind it, and people there were a bit too excessively religious to my taste. 

Day 4. 
Their family friends took us to the island of Berlengas on their boat. It was like an amusement park ride or something, just jumping through the waves and being splashed all over! The island was amazingly beautiful, it had a castle in the water, caves going through the mountain and many seagulls. The water itself was so clear you could see the bottom of the ocean, all the fish and everything! First we climbed the mountain to the lighthouse, then continued the mountain path down to the castle. Me and Rita went swimming right there, it was extremely cold... took me a while to get in. Also the current was pretty strong. After that we had lunch in the castle and moved on to the beach where we spent the rest of the day. It was lovely <3

Day 5.
This day was a day for relaxation. We chilled at home, had a walk, watched a movie and had a good time.

Day 6.
Their friends invited us all over, so we went there and had barbecue. They also had a pool, so it was a great relaxing day. And they also served pies. Their pies are amazing, I just LOVED it. Also had some sketching done there.

Day 7.
We took the bus back to Lisbon, went shopping to the mall and basically spent time resting. 

Day 8.
This was probably the most memorable day for me. We went to Lisbon's oceanarium. It was my first time ever in a place like this, and it was incredible. It's really an experience, like you're watching the life in the water being right there next to them! Ah all the sharks and rays and fishies :heart: Definitely recommend everyone to visit if there's a chance.

Day 9.
This day we went to the Lisbon zoo. So many animals were seen! We started off with the dolphin show, which was fanfrickintastic!! I never knew they could do that even, it was just so inspiring to watch :3 We had a chance to take a picture with a sea lion as well, which turned out so terrible we didn't take it. We went around and saw the free flying birds show as well. It's amazing how domesticated they become there. We also took a ride on the cable car. Just a great day.

Day 10.
We went around Lisbon to a park, fed duckies, just spent the day there, enjoying the nature and shade. Did some more sketching there as well. 

Day 11.
Spent the day at home having a fun time.

Day 12.
Went to Lisbon's center for souvenir shopping and more looking around. It was my second to last day there. 

Day 13.
Packing, cleaning, getting ready to leave. We stayed up all night till 2am. After two hours of sleep on the next day, I left back home. It was 12 hours of traveling this time. 

All in all, it was a great trip, and I've been taken care of wonderfully. I had so so so much fun with Dark-Infamous, every day was entertaining no matter what we were doing, so a big thanks to her :3 

I'm a happy little camper

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 1:08 PM

My exams are over ; v ;

Not to brag, but uhh PERFECT SCORES, guys. Not even joking, that grant is mine.
And it's summertime! No more classes or exams or studying or NOTHING. Just sweet sweet relaxation for two solid months! I promise to deliver plenty of Luke and other - at least mildly - gay content. And I saw a rainbow today! Isn't it just a wonderful Friday? Friday the 13th nonetheless :D

Here's an idea - I'll share this joy with you (hopefully). The offer is this - I'll take three or four point commissions, depends on what kind they'll beI'm out of points anyway and need to restock for another surprise that will come later this year :heart: Just tell me in the comments what you'd like me to draw, then I'll let this journal sit for a few days and then pick out the random three commissions that I'll take. The prices are the same as those that are listed on my profile page commission section, just multiply the price in euros by 100. And then take away 50. So if a certain type of commission would cost 8€, the price would be 800 - 50 = 750 :points: 
Not generous enough you say? Nonsense! It's plenty generous. 
BUT WAIT - if that doesn't convince you, I'll do sketches (like halfbody or portrait) for only 150 :points: no limit on this one. Come get some :iconstudmuffinplz:

Oh also I now put up the works in progress links on my page just in case you want a peek at what's on the drawing board. I need a new journal skin too. I'll get to it one day. Love ya, keep in touch, guys.

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Journal Entry: Tue May 20, 2014, 12:23 AM
Greetings, my birdies!

I am just so excited this week! BECAUSE AEROSMITH IS IN THE LAND :iconultimateplz:
Gonna go see them legendary rock grandpas tomorrow, and with all my pre-exam session assignments nearly done, drawing will be back in full gear in no time! I got some sweet ass plans for my men this summer, we're all just gonna have a dang good time~:heart:
Also I plan on doing some special commission deals, likely point commissions, and perhaps even a contest, so do stick around C:

I love you,
Dove :iconilikeitplz:

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No, for reals though... I can't do anything besides play it o_o This is the first time in my life that I've come to play a pokemon game and I'm hooked hopelessly. Will proceed drawing once I'm done with it, have a nice spring time everybody! <3
Hey there guys, time to get back to business! I announce commissions officially open, BUT before you proceed to write your order, there's a few things you should know (scroll down down down for the kiriban).

Firstly, I couldn't find the donation widget anymore. As some of you may know, I used to keep all my commission info with the prices and whatnot there, so I'll have to reprice everything, which means they might be more expensive or cheaper than what they were. AND I'll be gradually increasing the prices from now on until a certain point, here's how it's gonna work: I'll post the set prices for now, and each time someone commissions a type of drawing, that one's price will increase a certain amount. For example, if you buy a simple anime style commission for 8€, then the set price of it will become 9€ for anyone who buys it next. And so on, until I feel that the increase is sufficient. 

Second - I accept PayPal commissions ONLY. I attempted the point commission system on dA, and it never worked for me for some reason. However, I'm running low on points for certain purchases, so there might be a time when I'll take a few point commissions, but I'll be informing about that separately.

And finally, my working speed purely depends on how busy I am with studies and it might take up to a few weeks sometimes for me to fulfill your request. It also might not. As usual, there's going to be a list of commissions on my profile page, in the order of which I work. In order not to monotonously deplete myself from inspiration, there will most likely be personal projects in between the commissions pieces. And finally here's the list:

:bulletyellow: Semi-realistic style (available lined and not lined)

Lineart - 6€
Colored - 8€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 10€

Waist up
Lineart - 9€
Colored - 11€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 13€

Full body
Lineart - 14€
Colored - 16€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 18€
Ian Hecox by Wild-sin        Nameless Unit by Wild-sin        MileHigh-Kennels commission by Wild-sin

:bulletgreen: Cell shaded coloring anime style

Lineart - 4€
Colored - 6€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 8€

Waist up
Lineart - 5€
Colored - 7€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 9€

Full body
Lineart - 6€
Colored - 8€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 10€
Senyou's commission by Wild-sin    Little Angel by Wild-sin    Weavile by Wild-sin

:bulletred: Simple coloring anime style

Lineart - 4€
Colored - 6€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 8€

Waist up
Lineart - 5€
Colored - 7€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 9€

Full body
Lineart - 6€
Colored - 8€
Colored with background (detailed background +2€) - 10€
Furret by Wild-sin    Ashwood by Wild-sin     Undertaker by Wild-sin

TO ORDER, SEND ME A NOTE. I'll ask if I need extra information. 
!! Extra characters cost extra !!

AS FOR THE KIRIBAN, the main things you need to know are always on the profile below my ID, the newer watchers don't always notice that it's even there. The kiriban is set at 75.000 pageviews, and the prize is a commission of one character in any style you want, but it will be waist up and without a detailed background (simple background available). To claim the prize, you must take a screenshot of the pageview number at the set amount and upload it either in your stash or into your gallery and link it to me. 

Well, that was long and detailed :D Thank you for reading and see you next time!~
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Turns out I can't withdraw my earnings. Therefore, no more point commissions. Until it gets fixed. If it gets fixed. So, no more point commissions ever. I'm fuckin pissed.

NO MORE THAN 5 SPOTS. Go get em :33 
Commission prices are located <- here (the donation pool section). 
Extra characters cost extra.
Thank you :heart:
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Journey journal: Italia

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 3, 2013, 9:01 AM
Hello my baby!
Hello my honey!
Hello my rag time gaaaaaaaaal~~~~<3333

Yet another successful vacation trip is over, and I renewed my appreciation for home once more <3 Here's what was going on:

Day 1. 
August 27th, 14:50 five people including me, my mother, sister and two friends left Lithuania for Italy. We arrived in the Ciampino air port in three hours and it was HOT, in comparison to the +16 celsius we had at home. We got to Rome city center and managed finding the hotel in 20 minutes, which is quite good seeing as Rome is one big maze for me. After we settled in, we went out for a walk around town, we had like 10 maps to count on and each of us had our own idea of where we should go. Eventually we settled with me leading the way though. We went to see Santa Maria Maggiore first and then the Coliseum which was frickin HUGE. I did not expect it to be that big. And amazing. In general everything there looked so vintage and amazing it was just breathtaking. The sun set really soon though, so we headed back. Felt dangerous honestly.

Day 2.
Today we continued our exploring in Rome. We went to see the  Fountain di Trevi, which unfortunately was closed then, later the Pantheon, which I personally liked the best. Now I'm not architecture fan usually, but this was really really awesome. It's so much everything! It's soooo pretty! I luuurved it. Then we visited Vatican. Didn't see the pope, the St. Peter's Basilica  was quite something as well though. Honestly the sculptures in Italy are like nothing I've ever seen before, they're so wonderful. 
After that we returned, grabbed our stuffs and went back to the airport. We got our rented car (after a bit of a struggle with the car rental lady who didn't quite want to provide proper service) and set off to the sea side~~<3 It was in a place near Grosseto, but not quite there. Though a bit of a problem was finding the place we had to stay in, since mom insisted on stopping in a supermarket.... for a few hours, in which time it got pitch black outside. We had to call quite a few people back home to give us proper directions, but aside from major exhaustion, all ended well.

Day 3.
Mom and her friend were fans of getting up early. So we did. At like 8 am.... Which was very cruel seeing as how we didn't have anything planned for the day. We mostly lazed around at the beach enjoying the sun and waves. Very warm water too, lovely place yes yes. After lazing for a while, we went to Castiglione Della Pescaia, which we instantly loved. It was so cute and nice <3 Even my sunburnt skin was worth checking out the place and that ancient castle town thing. We tried looking for a pizza place in a town nearby but didn't find any of our liking, so we settled with home cooking.

Day 4.
This was the only day I was allowed to sleep in, which I definitely needed. Today we went to Pisa to see the leaning tower. We didn't quite know where to look though, so ended up going in circles for a while. Very hot weather they have there, very hot. The tower itself was not as big as I imagined. Very interesting though. It looks almost like it's about to fall at any second o_o Wish we could have afforded to go inside. Actually in general the prices they have in Italy are the same as here in Lithuania, only in euros. While 1 euro = 3.5 Lt (our money). After exploring, we went back to Castiglione and had pizza. Very good pizza MM! So much better than what we have here. A little burnt though.

Day 5.
Nothing went on. We spent the day at the beach.

Day 6. 
Early in the morning we packed our bags and left the beach house heading to San Marino. It was a loong long journey through the mountains. In fact I didn't imagine it would take 5 hours... The mountain roads were as twisted as they can get. Can't imagine how people manage driving through these. I got carsick real badly by the time we reached San Marino :I I didn't think it would be at the top of a mountain! Very very picturesque, yes, but sooooo high up. We didn't explore the city much, only as much as we saw by car, but we did go up the castle. It was full of souvenir shops and restaurants, that disappointed me a little. Aside from that though, it's a really impressive city. Couldn't live there, too high for me. We went to Rimini for the night. Total tourist town.

Day 7.
After being carsick yesterday, I got a migraine that lasted till the next morning. Which was not much fun honestly, I'm just thankful we took the expensive highway through the mountains while driving back. You italians have expensive roads! The mountains were pretty though. We spent the night in Ciampino, near the airport. The hotel was pretty nice, with the pool and all. Had another pizza night that night, so good MMMMMMMM..... yes. 

Day 8.
We found out that breakfast was not included in the cost of the hotel, so we got up super early for no reason! And totally left to the airport with only yesterday's pizza in out tummies. The whole day was and still seems so long with the waiting and the flying... 

And that's roughly all that went on in Italy this week for me. Ain't nothing like a vacation trip to make me feel like home. Put off uni for a week too >: D

Now back to routine, my butterflies, ciao!~

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 25, 2013, 10:00 AM
Hello hello, long time no see! I just got home from a crazy busy summer <3 Temporarily.

It seems like it's been ages since I could draw at my normal pace. Recently everything I scribble comes out so unsatisfying. Also deviantart saddens me. I will continue drawing soon though, no worries. Before that, as mentioned previously at some point, I'm going to Italy for a week through August 27th - September 3rd, will be having a well deserved relaxing relaxation time.

Not sure why I still bother. Have a beautiful day~

Aw yiss...

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 29, 2013, 8:21 AM
Got my ticket to see Scorpions today. Beautiful feeling... Inspiration returned also <3  That is all c:

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So damn uninspired

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 5:49 AM
Don't know what to do, I can't draw anything at all... Nothing is coming to mind, and if I tried doing commissions, they'd end up like crap, I just know it. What do I do... I usually feel at least somewhat capable of drawing but for a few days now... I can't do anything.. Only nasty thoughts in my head, but even those won't come out on canvas. Any advice?

Commissions ++++

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 9:17 AM
Gather here, lil butterflies!

Edit: Nope, no more spots ; o ;

 One last point commission available today <3 all information on the profile page in the donate section, go read before ordering. After this, prices will rise and I don't think I'll reopen them till late autumn, if then. Gonna give priority to money commissions from now on, so start saving up :II Also, no more claiming spots.

On other news, I'm still coughing and snotting, buuuut I had my first day at work today! And it's quite nice. I expected it to be scarier, so this puts me in a good mood :3 My boss is so friendly I just almost wanna hug him ; u ; also all the co-workers are really supportive, and the customers aren't that impossible to deal with, so those 8 hours pass fast enough <3 though I get tired instantly once at home.

Also going to Italy this August 27th - September 3rd. Just a heads up. 

And that's pretty much it :heart: Have a nice day ^u^

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Excuses and such

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 22, 2013, 1:24 PM
I'm sorry I haven't been as active lately.

Exams just ended, so up till now I've mostly been studying and dealing with headaches from being too nervous about how I do and such. I returned back home like two days ago, but didn't get much relaxation either, with all the chores, now that sister left for a week. I went to see my future boss too, so now I've got papers to obtain and present to get employed. Then I met up with friends finally, which doesn't happen much this year. One of them is gonna have an entrance exam soon, so I'm trying to help her out too, with practicing and such. And I caught a virus of sorts. Both mom and sister had it just before me, and if it's gonna get as bad as it was for them, I will be needing a looooong time to recover.

That's just the rough list of excuses, I'll spare the dark ones. I'm slowly moving forward with my projects, and commissions I owe, just please be patient. It's a very useless journal, yes, but my conscience is eating me for taking so long with stuff, just needed to get this out there.

Now fly, my butterflies~<3

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I DID IT. Wonderful times, yes yes..

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 5:23 AM
AWWW yeaaa.... Finished with that damn engineering graphics ; u ; It was tormenting me for the whole semester! I can't explain what it is properly, but it's more or less drawing and projecting. My study group was split in half and even though we had lectures at the same time and place, we had separate teachers. I got to go to the lady teacher, who was the mean and bitchy one... She keeps refusing to pass anyone with even the slightest inaccuracy. Not even gonna get into detail, she's just plain horrible. And today, there was a substitute instead of her and he passed me like instantly! WOOooooooo I'm so happy you guys ;;; - ;;; Totally bought a pizza to celebrate.

Wish I would have had a proper night's sleep though :I Had to wake up early for the train. But I made pretty good time with that nonetheless~ I started writing out the plot of a (not promising) soon to be manga/comic thing about my characters :3 Focusing around Luke. So that's something to look forward to <3 Hopefully ;D

As for the contest I had mentioned before, I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. Lack of enthusiasm.

Also, I got a job! Not yet, but in July. It'll be my first ever officially. Exciting, but a bit scary.

That is all, my little butterflies, go fly now :heart:

P.S. look at the pretty pink Kotetsu! :heart:

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Spring features

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 7:33 AM
The promised features~

A forest by kemono666     Mage by IBlodyXI
Cold Moon Light by N1njaChick     Challenge 004: Light (FBFFB AU)An excerpt from Leo's journal, translated from the Japanese.
 Day 10,362.  Sunday.
--10 Harmonious Fist sets, 10 Sweeping Crane sets, 10 Tiger Punch sets, regular calisthenics, +10 lbs to weight sets (peacetime).  Sparred with Raph, a draw.
--Breakfast was 3 cups yogurt with fresh prunes, 2 cups tea,  1 butter roll still cooling from the oven (Tennyo insisted).
--25 days until Anika returns.
--77 days until Usagi visits.
--Spent 2 hours on the rooftop garden.   Beans and squash are running wild; tied them to stakes with twine, careful not to bruise the leaves.  I suspect Mikey of over-watering the aubergines.  The tomatoes are gorgeous, shining red hearts of promise in the morning sun.  Can't help but wonder if Don gave them a little chemical 'help'.
I close my eyes and remember the dark, when we ninja hid in the shadows and the corporations ruled with Shredder's blessing.  I remember when light, sun, warmth were hard to come by in the sewers.  When we fell, the chill of the concrete w

Mani's Glow
Máni's course, plagued by Hati, streaks across the starry, night sky.
His glow touches the houses, Ymir's bones, and kisses burial mounds and runestones.
Legends tell that the dead have more power when Sól rests her glowing, beautiful head.
As such, a traveller rists and weaves rúnar, to hear the doom of his beloved son.
Drawn from the chilling land of death, an ancient seer awakens unwillingly.
"Answer me, völr, for you know all things then, now, and to come!" the man demands.
The wise woman groans, her death rattle audible with every labored breath.
"Your son will die, and Urđr will clasp him in her pale, Jötunn arms."
With a tired groan, she began to descend, but the Málrúnar beckoned her to stay.
"Völr, tell me more!  Who will kill my dear son, most beloved among all creation?"
Sighing, the pale shade glared at the tall man, whose long beard fell to his chest.
"His dear brother, ever full of emotion, will be tricked into launching the most dire arrow."
Again descending, the ancient
    Well, I think you're beautiful... by TheMushman
Spring Sees You ID by fuyu-oleander     Mystic by ur-a-baka95
Friendly Flying by Musicallychalanged     .:hand heart:. by Engelmoon

Go and check them out ;3 Also, here's some of my personal spring discoveries <3

TnB-sakura by siruphial TnB-penguins by siruphial pretty little monsters by siruphial

Goddess (or Morgana) by KijoFaia AreaD Asura by KijoFaia Spellcaster 2 by KijoFaia


Spit fin by imagist tiga bp by imagist Mary 'HAD' a little lamb. by imagist

Characters belong to Keiichi Satou
Coding SlashGod

I love you guys :3

Journal Entry: Mon May 20, 2013, 3:24 AM

I had ups and downs recently, and I keep noticing that some of you really appreciate me and what I do ; u ; And I really appreciate that in return, you people make my days <3

I'd also like to take some point commissions! I've been doing them for a while now and I wanna have someone do some art for me for a change ;D Please post a comment/link to me if you'd be interested. Please note though, I won't be taking all offers, since my budget is limited ; u ;

That's all I wanted to address today : D
Keep hangin' in there, my little butterflies, summer is practically here!~:heart:

Characters belong to Keiichi Satou
Coding SlashGod

Single DELUXE commission open!! edit: closed

Journal Entry: Fri May 3, 2013, 6:19 AM

I just set up a Paypal account and I will be soon offering deluxe commissions. HOW EXCITING ; U ; Currently I'm looking for the very first <3 customer who would like to receive a commission for a payment of 5$. I will work on this before any others that I have, and it will include the sketch and lineart (if you'd like that) sent to you. You can ask for any style drawing you want, and choose two characters, that won't increase the price in this case. The general information to what commissions I do is on my profile page. ONLY ONE IS AVAILABLE for now, SO COME AND GET IT :iconultimateplz:

edit: the offer expired now, but do start saving up for later ones ; u ; love you!~~<3

Characters belong to Keiichi Satou
Coding SlashGod


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 9:58 AM

I'm so happy with you guys wanting my stuff ; o ; Next time only 6 slots will be opened (will start saving spots from June) on the 2nd of July. Love ya~<3

YES, my wild butterflies, come get some :U
10 slots open, some already saved for people, so hurry hurry!

I'm not sure what more is there to say except that I saw my first butterfly this year last Friday, it was lime <3 And only one month left till the exam session. I'll have to start studying soon : D

Characters belong to Keiichi Satou
Coding SlashGod